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Council social media posts are digital records

As local government authorities across Australia and New Zealand face digital transformation, recordkeeping is changing. With Brolly, you can be secure in the knowledge that your social media records are compliant.

some of our local government customers

Brolly provides peace of mind

“We have no control over what Facebook does with our page, or our messages. They could close our page down for some reason and we’d lose everything. We appreciate the comfort of knowing that Brolly has us covered.”

Trish Weir, Livingstone Shire Council

Why choose Brolly for your council?

We’re sure your primary concern is to be compliant with the legislation. Did you know you can also save time and money by removing the requirement to manually capture and preserve social media records?

One click compliance

If you’re using social media to conduct council business, you should be archiving those conversations. It’s the law. Connect Brolly to be compliant in minutes.

Cut costs save time

Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting posts that constantly change. You’ll be fully compliant – and your customer service team will thank you.

100% Australian owned and operated

Originally built with Australian government compliance in mind, Brolly is the perfect social media archiving tool for any regulated sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Your data is stored on AWS cloud servers located in Australia. Data sovereignty and data privacy matter to us, as we know they matter to you.

Social media is public record. Are you compliant?

“All public records, including digital records such as social media interactions, conversations within messaging applications and text messages, are subject to legislation and legal processes such as discovery and subpoena.”

Council records: a guideline for mayors, councillors, CEOs and council employees,
Crime and Corruption Commission of Queensland

Is Brolly right for you?
20 minutes will tell you!

Book a 20 minute call to learn how Brolly provides social media archiving that protects your records, ensures you’re compliant with recordkeeping and data privacy laws and can save your social media and record management teams hours of effort each week.

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