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Three creative ways social media teams are using Brolly

Are you using Brolly like a superhero? Learn how these social media champions are using Brolly to save time, understand their customers and leave a legacy for those that follow.

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You don’t need to archive your social media … until you do

If you are having important business conversations on social media, find and implement the tools that will enable and support you to continue to do that, uninterrupted.

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Local government elections and social media

As councils move through the election cycle, adopting the regulations and guidelines that accompany the new Local Government Act (2020), there are two key periods that relate to social media.  

Blog article, Brolly feature

Brolly exports explained

Brolly exports are easy and flexible, and can be initiated from the export screen, the main feed, the messages screen or individual posts. In this article, we show you how to get the most out of exporting from Brolly. You might even be inspired to use exports of your archive in new and exciting ways. 

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How social media archiving fits into local government digital transformation

While many councils are going through digital transformation, social media is the often neglected poor second cousin of the records world.

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Will your social media records be called into evidence?

It’s 6 months since Australia went into Covid-19 lockdown. Archive your social media records to prepare for the inevitable inquiries and royal commissions.

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