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Are you turning comments off to avoid defamation?

In the eyes of the law, your organisation is liable for defamatory posts on your social media, even if you didn’t make them. How can you manage this risk and still connect with your customers?

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Third-party comments on Facebook: are you liable?

The High Court of Australia has confirmed previous decisions about who is responsible for comments on your Facebook page. Hint: it’s not the third party, it’s you.

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Social media archive chain of responsibility 🔗

Find out who should be logging in to Brolly and why. Not just a social media tool and useful for much more than compliance, Brolly can help more than one team in your organisation.

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3 reasons a social media archive is essential to meet the requirements of ASIC’s RG 271

It might seem surprising that there is a link between internal dispute resolution and a social media archive. Yet the link is more straightforward than you might think.

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How to pause archiving on selected social media accounts

If you need to stop archiving social media accounts that have a set lifespan you can now pause real time capture while the records you have already captured for that account remain in the archive.

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The dangers of using Facebook groups as a virtual water cooler

Facebook groups for volunteers, staff or customers can turn into forums for raising issues or even making allegations. Archiving these virtual spaces can protect your teams and your organisation.

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