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Social media archiving lessons we can learn from world politics and Twitter

Even if you’re not a high-profile political figure there are three reasons that recent news should get you thinking about archiving your social media.

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Start the year with a refreshed Social Media Policy

Review and refresh your social media policy to ensure you have what you need to succeed with social media this year. And don’t forget to include social media archiving in your policy so your team can be confident they’re compliant with recordkeeping legislation.

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Brolly’s Christmas break 2020

The Brolly office will be closed from 21 December 2020 for two weeks. But don’t worry, our wonderful support team will be on deck to support you throughout. Email

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Why social media trends in 2021 are the least of your worries

In 2020 Brolly archived more social media records for customers in Australia and New Zealand than ever before. Here’s what we learned during this extraordinary year.

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Three creative ways social media teams are using Brolly

Are you using Brolly like a superhero? Learn how these social media champions are using Brolly to save time, understand their customers and leave a legacy for those that follow.

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You don’t need to archive your social media … until you do

If you are having important business conversations on social media, find and implement the tools that will enable and support you to continue to do that, uninterrupted.

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